About 300 meters from your accommodation lies the Forest Games Area with many obstacles and climbing frames designed for both young and older children. The whole area is at the edge of the forest and your guide will be an elf worker from whom children can learn a lot of information about the forest.


Kratochvile is a Renaissance chateau originally built in 1583 for Wilhelm von Rosenberg, used as a summer hunting lodge. Around the castle are a majestic moat and extensive gardens. You can visit the castle and pay for a tour that runs several times a day. The chateau is located 16 km from Prachatice near the town of Netolice.


Cesky Krumlov is a tourist and cultural center of South Bohemia. Many events, festivals, and performances take a place there. The historic city center has been an urban conservation area since 1963 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. We recommend a walk through the historic center and a tour of the magnificent castle with a bear paddock. You can visit one of the many local museums and cafes or try to beat one of many escape games. The city is about 35 km from Prachatice.


Mountain Klet, 1084 meters high, is one of the oldest recorded of mountains in Bohemia. You can reach the top of the mountain on foot, by bike or by cableway, and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the local area. The lookout tower was built in 1825 and is the oldest stone lookout tower in Bohemia. Near the tower is a mountain chalet with a restaurant, protected as a cultural monument. Here you can refresh yourself and gain strength for your return journey.

Klet is located approximately 38 km from Prachatice. 


The town of Hluboka nad Vltavou attracts with its beautiful Gothic chateau and a large zoo. The chateau was built at the end of the 15th century and impresses with its interiors as well as the surrounding park. In addition, the former castle riding hall houses the Alš South Bohemian Gallery, which manages a collection of sculptures and paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Hluboká Zoo is the best zoological garden in South Bohemia and hosts dozens of animal and plant species. It is a beautiful experience not only for children but for adults too.                                                                                                                                                                                       Hluboká nad Vltavou is located 33 km from Prachatice, near České Budějovice.


The small town of Husinec is located near Prachatice, so you can reach it by bike or on foot. In the middle of the town stands a house where Jan Hus was born, which is definitely worth a visit.

About 15 km from Prachatice in the direction to Volary lie the ruins of Hus Castle built in 1341, a short walk through the forest leading from Kristanovice.          


Above Libinske sedlo, a settlement near Prachatice is a lookout tower on the Libin mountain at an altitude of 1093 meters, where is a beautiful view of the town Prachatice and far surroundings. Next to the lookout tower, is a large rope park with several trails for beginners or experienced climbers. Libin mountain and the lookout tower can also be reached on foot from Villa Maria. The route is about 3.5 km long and includes a Way of the Cross with 14 stops. The toner was completely reconstructed in the years 1999-2004, when new paintings were installed in niches, painted on metal plates. 


Not far from Strakonice in the village Hoslovice is a water mill whose history began to be written at least 650 years ago. It is the oldest preserved water mill in the Czech Republic and it is protected as a national cultural monument. The mill was still in operation until 1982. The preservation of this archaic mill was caused by the political situation in the Czech Republic after 1948, when the oppressed family of Harant millers closed themselves to public life and clung to traditions. In recent decades, the Harant brothers were allowed to run the mill for family use only, and by the end of the 1970s, they had installed a new mill wheel shaft. The Harants refused all technical progress and therefore the last preserved technical modification is a gutter behind a barn. In the area, they preserved the traditional rural way of life - no electricity, no sanitary facilities, and residential rooms take up only a small part of the building. As a result, the mill, including other buildings and land, is in an authentic state as it was known to the inhabitants of Hoslovice and its surroundings for centuries.

In the mill you can try to beat grain, see how the flour was produced, you can see the functional milling equipment, the granary, the timbered rooms and the living room with an oven. And if you are lucky enough, you can taste fresh baked local bread. The mill is truly unique and definitely worth a visit. Hoslovice is located 35 km from Prachatice


The village Holasovice, built in the style of peasant baroque from the 1870s, is a unique complex that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

Holasovice is located about 28 km from Prachatice. 


Kasperske Hory owes its foundation primarily to mining. The historic center of the city is an urban conservation area. There are several museums on the square and an open-air mining museum near the town. Not far above the town lies the castle Kasperk, built in 1361 on the order of King Charles IV. It is the highest royal castle in Bohemia and is protected as a cultural monument. Many movies were filmed here and several guided tours run in the castle every day for both young and old.

The town Kasperske Hory is located about 45 km from Prachatice.


It is a medieval monastery from the time of Premysl Otakar II. The Order here worked with a small break during the Hussite Wars until 1785. In 1995, the monastery was declared a national cultural monument and is commonly open to the public.

In the historical part of the village are preserved many other Gothic building, such as the church of saint Marketa and remains of fortifications.

The Zlata Koruna Monastery is located about 17 km from Prachatice.


There are several ski resorts nearby for winter sports enthusiasts. On the Bohemian side of Šumava: SKI Libin, Lipno ski resort, and Zadov ski resort. On the German side: Hochficht ski area and Mitterdorf ski area.